Tired on Ketones?

This is an excellent post by Ketone Fitness Legend Rob Deboer - Definitely worth sharing...

Common question I get and believe me, the ketone experts can answer it much more eloquently than me! Special thank you to Dr. Heather Duer Cardin for helping me and steering me in the right direction!

Help! When I drink ketoMAX I feel tired and want to take a nap but this does not happen when I consume Orange dream or the Chocolate swirl. Is this happening to anyone else? And why?

My Answer:
Obviously this topic is more scientific than I am presenting and this may seem silly but I don't want people to grasp bio-chemistry as much as I do a general understanding using an analogy that helps simplify what can be very complicated. So here you go:
Think of your brain as having a get together or a party and the hosts have 2 different personalities. One is the life of the party (glutamate) and the other one is laid back and boring (GABA). Both personalities (neurotransmitters) work together to control many processes, including the brain's overall level of excitation. In other words, they want the party to be fun but not out of control. So if too many Party animals show up (glutamate) the bouncers (GABA) step in to calm everyone down. Since MAX is a stronger and more bio-available ketone product, it will signal more GABA in people who are A type people, people with lots of anxiousness and stress and those that are always on the go. On the same note, those same people who say that about MAX also report incredible sleep which makes perfect sense because the ketones are signaling the slow down signal which ironically is much needed by these people. All of that said, lower your dosage of max to maybe 1/2 serving and adjust upward as needed!