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Dr. Heather Cardin
Owner, Cardin Chiropractic & Acupuncture, PA

Q: How much to start with? What ketones are?

A: We know that our body needs energy. We get energy from the foods that we eat. Like carbohydrates, and our bodies break it down naturally and we get glucose. Our body can also eat fats. We break them down. We don’t need any insulin and out body can make something called endogenous ketones. Our body makes 3 different ketones; beta hydroxybutyrate, acido acetate and acetone. Beta hydroxybutyrate is the keton body that’s in the ketone product. So when you’re putting ketones in your body, you’re putting in exogenous form. With less than 59 minutes, we can get all those amazing benefits of ketones.

Q: Hypoglycemia and Sugar.

A: We just talked about ketones and energy, and it actually relates to that. Ketones are an amazing source of oxygen, an amazing source of energy we call ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) .That’s actually fuel for our cell and our body can get a longer time of energy. If you have an issue with glycemia or blood sugar it makes sense that if we’re putting ketones in our body, or helping our body produce its own ketones that we should have a more steady state of blood glucose and insulin.

Q: Diverticulitis

A: Every time we hear the word “itis” it means inflammation. From studies, we know that ketones actually decrease or inhibit a cascade of inflammation that happens in our body. So if you take something over the counter, for inflammation our body stoops making some of those inflammatory markers. The same things happen when we’re using fats for fuel or specifically beta hydroxybutyrate which is the ketone body found in the Pruvit product. We know that ketones stop an inflammatory cascade from stopping. You can go and google BHP or beta hydroxybutyrate and inflammation or ketones but that doesn’t apply to anything that has an “itis”. “itis” just means inflammation.

Q: Tummy issues. Ketones and cortisol deficiency.

A: So simple think of ketones as our energy source. Our body breaks down fats and we get ketones. With that being said cortisol is a normal hormone that our body needs. When we’re deficient in cortisol it makes sense that ketones being an energy source could actually help balance out our cortisol.

Q: Lupus and ketones.

Q: What’s the difference between our natural ketone and exogenous ketones?

A: When our body is making ketones, it takes our fats we break it down and get endogenous ketones. That actually happens when we’re either in a fasting state or in a very low carbohydrate state. When we burn through all of our glucose or almost all of it in our blood, then and only then that the liver go out and grabs that fat and uncouples it and it makes ketones and our body uses that for fuel. When we’re using exogenous ketones like Keto OS.1 the Orange Swirl, our body doesn’t have to go be in a fasting state. It doesn’t not have to be on a ketogenic diet, simply any diet that you use. You can use the Keto OS product and you can get all the amazing benefits of ketones without being on that astringent diet and without having to worry about all your macros.

Q: Pregnancy.

Q: Can you take Keto OS with other medications or other supplements?

A: Yes. You can take Keto OS or Bio Max with any other medications. Today, there’s been no evidence of any contraindication or clinical contra indications.

Q: PTST and anxiety.

Q: Is Keto OS safe for our liver and kidney?

A: When we are in a ketogenic diet our whole entire digestive track from our gall bladder to our pancreas to our spleen to our liver, to our kidneys have to break all that food down. Go to that big bio chemical change to get ketones. With Keto OS or exogenous ketones, they are water soluble. That means our gall bladder, stomach, liver, doesn’t have to do anything. It’s water soluble. It is simply absorbed into the body and then our body uses what it needs and excretes what it doesn’t need. Yes it is safe for our liver and kidney.

Q; Ketoacidosis.


Q: Ketones are water soluble?

A: Yes.

Q: Weight gain and muscular dis__

Q: is ketone a natural source for fuel?

A: Yes. Everyone here has been in ketosis.

I will start with a half of serving for the first 3 days and then increase slowly as your body tolerates.

Q: With type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

A: There is amazing resource. They are different diseases. Just think of Keto OS as just another amazing source. It is safe.

Q: Weight loss.