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00:00 Introduction
5:12: I have a customer who tried ketones but did not lose weight. Could this be due to intolerance to ketones?
10:20: Do Ketones help with weight loss?
11:00: What do ketones help with?
11:54: Do ketones inhibit inflammation?
13:12: Do ketones help with chronic diseases like MS?
14:07: What should I do if ketones gives me diarrhea and increased bowel movements?
16:45: What should I do if I have constipation?
17:55: I just finished the Reboot. Why is there no change in my weight?
20:02: What if I eat carbohydrates or I don’t follow the keto diet while drinking ketones.
22:23: Does the diarrhea stop?
23:05: What is a Reboot?
24:44: What are Pruvit vegan products?
25:51: Do ketones help with brain health?
28:20: Shouldn’t you drink water if you’re tired while you drink ketones?
29:58: Do ketones help with treating anxiety?
31:29: Do ketones elevate cholesterol?
34:42: Can you explain the difference between Nat and Pro