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00:00 Introduction
01:43 What it is ketosis
05:00 Can you still build lean muscle when you are in Ketosis?
06:23 When starting out for how long should I drink half a package?
08:18 Do ketones from the NAT ever have a negative effect on your kidney or liver.
09:59 What is your best hack for feeling low energy towards the end of the Reboot?
11:30 Would protone put you into full ketosis?
12:15 Do I have to be on a ketogenic diet to experience the benefit of Pruvit Ketones?
13:17 Is it normal from the roof of your mouth to feel a little bit funny coming out from a fast?
14:50 What should I eat during the Keto Reboot or the 10 day challenge?
18:28 Can I have Ketones before surgery?
20:35 Hair loss and Ketones?
23:06 Does the 60 hour Reboot only contain Ketones?
23:52 What is the next day after the 10 day challenge?
24:57 Best advice for using ketones and optimizing fat loss.
26:35 Signal// OS
28:17 What are electrolytes? What is Mitoplex?
31:20 Is it safe to do the Reboot if I have epilepsy?
33:21 How much water should I drink when I am drinking my ketones.