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00:00 Introduction
03:36 What is Ketosis?
04:32 Glucose Vs Ketones
06:55 Are Pruvit Ketones gluten free?
07:45 When should I drink ketones?
10:33 Is it required to drink ketones for workout.
11:29 Reboot
13:30 Is it ok to have diarrhea when drinking ketones?
17:44 Can I mix the NAT and take more than 1 hour to drink it?
20:45 Are ketones a vitamin supplement or meal replacement?
26:17 Can ketones help with sleep?
27:08 Is there an advantage to drinking two sachets of ketones a day?
29:09 Can ketones keep you awake if you drink them before bed?
35:00 High blood pressure, sodium and Ketones.