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00:00 Introduction
4:03 Ketosis and Ketones
06:05 Can you drink too much Mitoplex?
08:44 What is the difference between the Keto NAT and the Keto PRO?
10:26 Can I drink my ketones with my thyroid medication.
11:59 Can I take ketones if I have type 2 diabetes
14:00 Will having ketones too long prevent your body from creating its own ketones?
16:44 How long can I stay in Ketosis? Can I easily get out of Ketosis?
18:55 Can we mix flavors together?
20:22 Do you have to do the ketone diet to experience the benefits of ketones?
20:52 I have a headache, what would you say about taking Tylenol and Advil?
22:29 If ketones are a energy drink what would you drink them before going to bed?
24:37 Can we explain the relationship between ketones level and blood sugar level? Would keto kreme break my fast?
28:00 143 MCT oil
31:29 Dry mouth during Reboot.
32:55 Do ketones help with alzheimer?