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00:00 Introduction
02:41 Source of energy. Difference between glucose and ketones.
06:17 Does taking insulin stop ketosis?
08:33 Can someone with type II diabetes drink ketones?
P:40 How does Ketosis work with Fatty Liver disease?
11:30 MCT Oil
12:06 Other than drinking electrolytes how can we handle the keto flu.
14:53 What is the difference between the NAT and the Keto Pro.
16:05 Can you use the Keto Kreme while following a carnivore diet.
17:55 Can we get the Keto Kreme on smart-ship?
19:09 Why am I getting diarrhea when I drink Ketones?
23:15 Constipation and Ketones
24:24 Can anyone overdose on Electrolytes?
25:34 How often should I add electrolytes to my drinks?
27:14 Why are some people suitable for caffeine?
28:40 Do you have to drink ketones during intermittent fasting?
33:20 153 MCT oil. Why is it different from the rest?