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(0:00) Intro
(5:00) I just started keto, and I’m very overwhelmed! What are some basics to keep in mind?
(7:40) Why do I feel tired when I drink NAT now? When I started drinking NAT, I felt so energized before.
(12:00) Why do I seem to be experiencing hair loss while taking ketones/adapting to a keto diet?
(14:00) After drinking Keto NAT, when can I eat? I’ve been told to wait 4 hours.
(19:00) What is the Epik Event?
(19:10) Being in ketosis, how often should you test to make sure you stay in ketosis?
(22:00) What is MCT//1:4:3? How is it different from other MCTs on the market?
(24:25) Can exogenous ketones cause water retention due to the high sodium amount?
(28:35) How long do ketones stay in our body after drinking a packet?
(30:45) Taking Ketones and Pharmaceutical Medication
(32:00) Can you mix and match Pruvit products?
(34:35) How do I order your products?
(35:00) Outro and Closing Statements