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(0:00) Intro
(3:50) Can you take too many ketones?
(5:35) Do you have to change your diet to a keto diet if you start drinking ketones?
(7:05) Are high levels of B6 dangerous?
(8:50) Can you drink the pruvit products if they are expired?
(9:15) Can you mix ketones with other drinks?
(10:45) When is the best time to drink ketones? Before meal or with a meal?
(13:05) Can I drink them at night? The not charged one.
(14:35) What is the difference between the 10-day challenge sachet and the usual NAT sachet?
(15:20) Why would someone feel jittery on ketones?
(17:10) I am one week into my first 10-day challenge, and I am severely bloated and have gained weight. Is this normal?
(21:55) What is Mito//PLEX?
(25:15) Why is it that my urine is very cloudy when I take my Nat??? I do drink a lot of water.
(28:05) How often should you drink it?
(28:15) How do you drink ketones with your keto kreme?
(31:20) Outro & Announcements
(31:45) During the reboot, I have trouble sleeping when taking x3 PM pills.