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(0:00) Intro
(3:05) What is ketosis?
(3:15) How do you stay in ketosis after completing the Keto Reboot?
(4:25) Can you consume the Keto NAT after its expiration date?
(5:30) Can you tell me why ketones cause acid reflux?
(6:40) If you are a gastric bypass patient, will this still work?
(6:55) Is the sodium in ketones safe?
(8:05) Why do the ketones sometimes become clumpy and hard in the package?
Signal Defense Cocktail and LCD Anncounements
(12:30) When is the best time to drink the Keto NAT?
(14:35) Why does the measuring tape change but not the scale?
(16:55) How long does the Keto NAT keep your body in ketosis?
(18:20) What is the Black Lable version of Keto NAT?
(18:50) How do I take the Signal//OS, and what are the benefits?
(21:05) What does the “charged” mean on the Keto NAT?
(21:35) Can I take the keto nat along with my prescription medications.
(23:15) Why might my face turn red and flush sometimes?
(24:55) Will I be out of ketosis when I have food after drinking keto Nat?
(26:45) Outro and Closing Statements