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(0:00) Introduction

(4:25) How can I lose inches but gain weight?

(6:35) Why do I feel thirsty when I drink ketones?

(8:30) When do I drink my Mito//Plex?

(11:40) Tips on sleeping better?

(14:00) Is the reboot vegan?

(14:50) What is the Keto Reboot?

(18:20) What is the difference between the Keto NAT and the Keto PRO?

(22:10) Can I mix my ketones and leave it overnight?

(22:50) When is the best time to take Ketones?

(24:10) Can I bake with the Protones (Keto Pro)

(27:05) Once you hit your weight goal, can you continue to take these ketones for the rest of your life?

(29:55) Is being in a state of Ketosis for an extended period unhealthy or risky?