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00:00 Introductions
2:50 What are PureTherapeutic Exogenous Ketones?
04:30 Can your body get used to the Ketones after a long time.
07:36 Can you drink so many Ketones and do they have negative effects on your body after drinking them for a long time?
10:30 Can ketones cause kidney function to decrease or perform poorly?
11:50 Is it a good idea to drink uncharged Ketones before bed?
13:53 Can Ketones make me feel hungrier?
16:45 Are Ketones beneficial for the thyroid?
17:35 Can you share the difference between other different brands of ketones and Pruvit ketones?
19:48 High blood pressure and Ketones
22:57 Can we drink Ketones during pregnancy?
24:55 How much Mitoplex should I drink a day and when.
27:37 What is the difference between the Unleash and the NAT
29:13 Constipacion, diarrhea and Ketones.