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00:00 Introduction
3:25 Do ketones cause cloudy urine?
4:24 Can we take ketones if we are on medication?
5:33 Weight gain while drinking ketones
7:12 How long can we stay keto?
8:41 Can we take ketones if we are on thyroid medication?
11:48 Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and Ketones
13:01 Ketones while nursing; what is the best diet?
14:42 Is your liver impacted by ketogenic diet or exogenous ketones?
16:01 Damage to the kidneys
17:02 How many keto drinks can you drink in a day?
18:15 Epilepsy/ seizures and Ketones
19:35 Will being in ketosis or having ketones in your system cause your injury to heal slower?
20:13 Lupus and Ketones
20:37 Can you lose weight if you drink ketones but don’t change your diet?
22:06 Is the ketogenic diet bad for cholesterol?
24:35 Odors with respect to ketones
25:56 Effects on the gut