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00:00 Introduction
03:00 Can we eat veggies if we don’t have a gallbladder?
03:40 PCOS and Ketones
06:00 Diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel conditions and ketones
07:00 Is Signal defense safe for children?
07:40 Can ketones cause nose bleed?
08:21 Autoimmune conditions and Ketones.
11:40 Are Ketones gluten free?
12:30 ketones and Diabetes
13:43 Can ketones affect fertility?
14:54 How many serving of ketones can I take a day?
16:00 TIA, blood thinners and Ketones
18:05 Dementia, brain health and ketones.
20:13 How to drink ketones during fasting
20:53 How ketones impact skin
21:49 kidney stones and ketogenic diet.
22:46 Energy, caffeine and Ketones
23:50 How many Mitoplex can we take a day?
24:35 How does magnesium affect ketones?
25:50 How long can it take to start seeing or feeling a difference when we start drinking ketones?
28:15 Hormones and ketones
29:30 Interminting fasting and ketones.