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00:00 Introduction
00:00 Brain health
06:08 Weight loss plateau
08:30 Seizures and ketones
09:50 HDHD – seizures and ketones
10:40 Headaches and ketones
12:20 Ketones and Kidney Stones
13:20 Is vomiting normal when drinking ketones?
15;00 Why is important to be hydrated when drinking ketones
15:45 Is it normal to experience hair loss when drinking ketones or following a ketogenic diet
16:50 Hypothyroidism and ketones
18:00 PCOS
20:00 Inflammation, and Ketones
21:18 Gallbladder and ketones
22:32 Can someone with low iron drink ketones?
22:55 Autoimmune conditions and ketones.
25:32 How many servings of ketones should I have in a day?
26:32 Impact of ketones on Kidneys.
27:42 Low energy and ketones.