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00:00 introduction
02:05 Hormones, menopause and ketones.
5:20 Would ketones increase blood pressure?
6:37 Fatty liver and Ketones
08:39 Interstitial cystitis
09:53 Can you take exogenous ketones if you have a cardiovascular disease?
10:55 How long does ketones state in your system?
11:50 Can you take two sachets of ketones at the same time?
12:30 Ketones and gut
13:28 Type1 diabetes
14:51 Keto rash and Ketones.
16:05 Is there any problem taking ketones when you have Methylation gene mutation?
17:33 Diarrhea and Ketones.
19:37 Intermittent fasting. Benefits.
20:30 Do you recommend a keto lifestyle that includes a vegan based diet or one that includes protein?
21:57 Hair loss and Ketones.
23:22 Is it ok to drink ketones if you have thyroid imbalance?
25:03 Is it possible to experience hot flashes when you drink keto kreme?
25:41 What happens if after drinking ketones you still feel low in energy and kind of dizzy?
26:30 Weight loss plateau
27:58 How can I figure out my macros for a ketogenic diet.