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00:00 Introduction
02:14 Is it safe to drink ketones during pregnancy.
3:07 Will you lose weight if you only drink the ketones?
4:50 Can we take ketones while fasting?
5:48 What is the difference between keto and low carb?
8:01 Is it normal to have elevated B12 level while drinking ketones.
08:52 Fasting and PCOS
09:57 Elevating blood sugar level while fasting
11:19 How do you drink ketones?
12:20 How do you transition to a ketogenic diet?
13:50 Is it safe for people on medication to drink Exogenous Ketones
15:04 Do you need to drink ketones if you are already following a ketogenic diet.
16:00 Cramps, diarrhea and ketones
18:00 Is it ok to drink exogenous ketones when yuusuffer form fibrosis
18:30 Can you drink Exogenous Ketones if you suffer from diabetes
19:53 Are ketones only for your eating window.
20:31 Can ketones cause itchy skin?
22:03 Keto Rash
22:54 Thyroid, hair loss and ketones.
26:16 High blood pressure and ketones
27:13 Does alcohol ketones out of ketosis?