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(0:00) Opening Statements
(2:45) Can you take ketones during a fasting period?
(4:10) Does drinking ketones affect your kidneys?
(5:55) How many times a day can you drink ketones?
(7:40) How can I incorporate beans into a ketogenic diet?
(9:20) Can you drink the BETTER//BROTH® during a fasting period?
(9:25) Experiencing fatigue while on Ketones
(10:35) Can taking Keto//PRO break your fast?
(11:20) Can I stick to a specific calorie count when on a ketogenic diet?
(14:05) If you up the number of ketones you drink, do you have to up your water intake?
(14:25) Why type of magnesium should we be consuming?
(15:20) What can you eat after drinking the NAT, or will eating kick you out of ketosis?
(17:00) If I follow a strict keto diet, do I have to drink ketones?
(17:55) I’ve been drinking ketones for a year consistently. I’ve not that my menstrual cycles have been sporadic—one every three months or so. I am in my early 40’s, so it could be the beginning of menopause, but I’m curious if the ketones are slowing my cycles down?
(20:45) When I do an extended fast, I menstruate despite being on birth control pills. Can you explain what may be going on with my body? I have gone to my OB-GYN and have a clear bill of health.
(22:45) If I drink caffeine-free ketones about an hour or so before bed, I always wake up with a headache?? WHY?
(23:30) What do you think causes hair loss while doing the keto diet?
(25:05) Can drinking ketones cause an itch/rash?
(26:10) Is ketogenic diet and ketones recommended for people with Autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s?
(28:30) Closing Statements