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(0:00) Intro
(2:15) Can ketones burn out your adrenal gland?
(3:55) How best can you explain the KETO//OS® Unleashed Ruby Red?
(4:50) If you drink ketones an hour and a half before a workout, will drinking protones after a workout be a waste?
(6:30) Can children drink Ketones and Mito//Plex?
(7:25) Where does one start with keto? It all seems so intimidating to me.
(10:35) How do you incorporate electrolytes?
(11:00) Will ketones change or alter my cycle?
(13:05) How many packets (servings) of ketones should I drink to lose weight?
(13:55) Fasting on Ketones
(15:00) Underlying factors stopping me from losing weight
(15:15) Menopause and Ketones
(16:20) Benefits of ketones in menopause
(17:15) Best way to test if I’m in Ketosis?
(18:05) Can exogenous ketones fuel, or instead, help diminish Candida in the gut?
(19:00) What do you believe are the top benefits of our exogenous ketones for seniors?
(20:45) Does KETO//KREME® break your fast?
(23:00) What’s the latest in Ketones technology that you’ve heard?
(24:30) If you are looking at intermittent fasting for 16 hours and the last meal was at 7 pm, you would drink your ketone in the morning and not have your 1st of 2 meals until 11 am or later.
(25:50) Does the sodium in Ketones affect blood pressure?
(27:15) What is the Pruvit Epik Event?