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(1:55) Can ketones cause you to gain weight?

(3:00) Is the reboot advisable when you have gallstones?

(3:20) Any thoughts on Cirrhosis of the liver and ketones?

(4:40) Hair loss and keto? Can ketones regulate your hormones?

(6:35) Can you share if ketones contribute to UTI or bladder infection?

(7:25) What happens if you drink 3 Keto//OS NAT a day?

(7:50) When you mix up your nat, how long do you have to drink it? Can you mix it in advance the night before?

(8:15) Dry eyes and dry nose on keto what helps?

(8:50) Are PTKs good for autism?

(10:00) How do you help someone with a brain injury?

(11:15) Could keto NAT help a baby with acid reflux?

(12:00) I got sick from the ketones. I have no thyroid. Would this be a factor, and should I try again? (keto rash/keto flu)

(14:00) Should I count calories when on keto?

(15:35) I want to ask if NAT drinks have approval from the FDA?

(16:00) What sugars are in the product, and how does that affect anyone with either type of diabetes?

(17:10) Low stomach acid and ketones

(17:25) Can you take pruvit products if you have cancer?

(18:20) Can’t seem to break the carb craving. Any suggestions?

(19:15) Been on ketones for 3 months and now am getting constipated.

(20:20) Can you talk about BLOOD PRESSURE?

(22:45) Can people with high blood pressure or on medication take Pruvit Ketones?

(23:20) What would cause a person with MD to experience muscle fatigue with ketones?

(23:55) So, should potatoes, starches, bread, and fruit be discontinued on keto?

(25:15) is Keto NAT okay for someone who has a high sensitivity/allergy to nuts?

(26:25) Outro and Closing Statements