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00:00 Introducion
03:16 What is the best way to get your electrolytes balanced when eating keto?
04:15 Why drink ketones if you are already following a ketogenic diet?
05:30 What is your recommendation to break a plateau? /Losing weight and hitting a plateau.
8:53 Can a ketogenic diet impact your hormones?
09:45 Thyroid and Ketones
09:57 Hashimotos and Ketones
10:50 What is a good probiotic?
11:55 Diabtectic and Ketones
13:04 Is it normal to have diarrhea when drinking Ketones?
12:30 Can I have exogenous Ketones if I have covid?
15:14 What are the benefits of fasting.
15:43 Is is ok to take multivitamins while drinking Ketones
16:00 Can you get muscle soreness when you drink Ketones?
16:40 Does Ketone Kreme break your fast?
17:41 What happens if you have glucose in your system?
18:53 How do you break down your macros?
19:52 Ketones and kidney functions.
21:22 Brean health, epilepsy and Ketones.
22:20 Can you take too many ketones?
23:36 Do you include your ketones when tracking your macros?
23:51 Do Ketones help with migraines and headaches?
25:22 Can you take Ketones if you are taking medication for autoimmune conditions 4
26:00 Ketones and PCOS
27:36 Can I drink Ketones if I don’t have a gallbladder?
28:24 Vitamin B12 and Ketones/ Can I have too much B12 in my system?