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(0:00) Intro

(2:00) Can ketones make you pass yellow stools?

(2:30) Do ketones become less effective for craving control with consistent long term use?

(4:05) Teenager ADHD: Any benefit to keto and ketones in neutralizing behaviors, without adding medication?

(5:50) Are there any adverse side effects to drinking ketones with a small kidney that you are aware of?

(6:55) Why doesn’t my body have a ‘whoosh’ until 2-3 days after doing the keto reboot?

(9:25) Can I drink ketones while eating carbs and still lose fat?

(13:05) When is the best time to drink ketones around food?

(14:15) What is recommended when you’re drinking ketones and doing keto! Also need help with CONSTIPATION.

(14:50) Drinking ketones for a year now and experiencing fluid retention. I have been drinking one mitoplex daily. Should I add more?

(16:10) Lately, I have had pain in my shins, ankles, and feet, including cramping in my toes. I have doing keto for six months.

(17:30) Why do some doctors say fat is necessary for thyroid function?

(21:00) Can the keto reboot help with candida bacterial overgrowth in the gut?

(22:40) If I have to do a low sodium diet, can I still use ketone packets even though it has 900mg of sodium?

(24:15) How many times can I drink keto kreme in a day?

(25:05) Why do ketones not stay in my system for more than an hour? I am using a blood meter to test.

(27:20) Can Ketones aggravate hemorrhoids?

(28:15) Can you tell us why drinking Ketones could give someone a heavy chest feeling or Heart Palpitations?

(29:30) Outro and Closing Statements