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00:00 Introductions
03:20 What is the expected weight loss when taking ketones?
06:00 Hormones and ketones
09:40 Are there benefits to taking ketones with an autoimmune condition?
13:00 Can I consume too many ketones?
13:55 How many times a day should I consume ketones?
15:15 Caffeine and Ketones
16:00 Can ketones help with gallstones?
17:45 Headaches and ketones?
18:10 Inflammatory bowel disease
19:20 No gallbladder and ketones.
20:20 Stomach cramps and Mytoplex?
21:10 Is the keto diet safe?
22:50 How to stop diarrhea when drinking ketones?
23:40 Is the keto harmful to the liver?
24:10 Pre workout and ketones?
25:10 Keto Kreme and ketones?
25:50 Can a diabetic do the keto diet?
26:30 Can I substitute max?
27:10 Should we consume Ketones on an empty stomach?