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0:00 Introduction
2:20 Intermitted fasting: benefits, why should you do it
5:55 Will exogenous ketones increase your blood pressure?
6:45 Exogenous ketones and stroke?
7:30 Itchy skin & exogenous ketones?
8:15 Eczema & exogenous ketones?
9:10 Feeling cold while Rebooting or intermitted fasting?
9:45 Can you drink exogenous ketones while doing intermitted fasting?
11:35 Can ketones help with a tremor?
12:40 What foods can you not have when drinking exogenous ketones?
14:05 Water retention and ketogenic diet/exogenous ketones?
14:50 Sleep and exogenous ketones? Better sleep? Disruptive sleep?
16:20 Leg cramps and exogenous ketones?
17:20 What kind of magnesium should you add into your diet?
18:10 Fibromyalgia
21:45 How many days a week do you recommend Intermitted Fasting for women?
22:20 Pregnancy Questions!
23:55 After drinking Keto//Kreme, when do you drink you ketones?
24:40 How many times a day can you consume exogenous ketones?
25:30 Keto rash?
26:45 What vitamins should you take when drinking exogenous ketones?
27:15 Weight loss plateau with exogenous ketones?