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0:00 Introductions
2:00 Any advice for people with vitamin D deficiency?
3:20 Can you live in ketosis permanently?
4:00 What are the best day for intermittent fasting?
5:00 Stevia and Ketones
5:45 Caa diabetic fast or do the Reboot?
6:50 Are ketones good or bad for people with kidney problems.
7:30 Will ketones help with fibromyalgia?
9:45 Mitochondria dysfunction
10:30 Do CBD oil affect ketosis?
11”00 Can someone with multiple sclerosis do a reboot or intermittent fasting
11:52 Can you take ketones if you are taking medication for high blood pressure
13:00 What is the maximum length of a fast that you would recommend?
14:00 Does the whole wheat bread counts towards a carb count?
14:40 ABS and ketones
17:05 Is it ok to use ketones with juicing?
17:55 I have not energy at all and I have been on ketones for a month.
21:10 Is there a certain amount of carb that will take you out of ketosis?
23:22 Is it ok to add collagen peptides to my ketone drinks?
23:43 Is it normal to have high ketones levels in the urine?
25:10 Would you be in ketosis even if you are consuming carbohydrates and you are consuming exogenous ketones.
26:36 Will you not see results what not eating enough fat?
28:45 Are Pruvit products available in Canada?
29:10 Could ketones help kids with HDD.