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0:00 Introduction
3:10 How often do you recommend the REBOOT?
4:50 Can you drink coffee while intermitted fasting or REBOOTING?
5:55 Keto NAT!
7:15 Hair loss and ketogenic diet/exogenous ketones?
8:35 Hypoglycemia & Keto REBOOT or intermitted fasting?
9:30 What happens if you don’t have a gallbladder?
10:50 Graves’ disease & ketones and ketosis
11:50 Would there be benefit to autoimmune conditions if you add in exogenous ketones?
14:45 Medication & exogenous ketones?
16:30 If you are in natural ketosis, why should you take exogenous ketones?
17:45 What if you are not in a natural state of ketosis and add in exogenous ketones?
18:30 How long do the effect of exogenous ketones last?
19:20 Celiac disease & exogenous ketones?
20:25 How long before a workout should you drink exogenous ketones?
20:50 Are ketones safe for the liver?
22:05 Are people with AFib effected by ketones?
22:45 If you are not following a ketogenic diet, can you still drink exogenous ketones?
23:30 Intermitted fasting and coffee creamer in your coffee?
24:25 Taking medication while using exogenous ketones?
24:55 Sodium and exogenous ketones?
25:40 Trying to introduce your doctor to exogenous ketones?
26:15 BHB and concussions?
27:45 Does prednisone keep me from getting into ketosis?
28:40 High blood pressure and exogenous ketones? High cholesterol?