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04:10 What vitamins and supplements would you recommend while drinking Ketones?
06:00 Cheat meal and Ketones.
07:19 High blood pressure, Cholesterol levels and Ketones.
09:44 Sodium and Ketones.
10:40 Can you add protein powder to the morning Ketones serving?
11:18 Caffeine and Ketones.
12:00 How much magnesium do you recommend?
14:00 Diabetic, Ketoacidosis and Ketones.
16:19 Thyroid and Ketones.
20:15 Can you take exogenous ketones if you have a Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth?
21:44 What if you had thyroidectomy. Will the ketogenic diet still work?
22:30 Celiacs and Ketones.
23:47 Does ketones help with PCOS?
26:29 Headache, muscle cramping, and Ketones.
27:50 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), alzheimer, and Ketones.