Everything About Ketones and Ketosis

Interview with Dr. Dom D' Agostino

Dr. Dom D’Agostino is the world premier researcher in ketosis and the creator of the patented formula used by Prüvit. Here he is interviewed by American Icon Joe Rogan about everything Ketones and Ketosis.

We have time stamped the conversation. So u can look for areas u are interested in.

Joe Rogan Experience #994 - Dom D'Agostino

0:08 Show goes live welcomes Dom to the show mentions Dom being on the Tim Ferris podcast

1:12 Talking about how different types of wine affect ketosis

3:00 Talking about the Ketogenic diet as an effective treatment for various types of diseases

4:28 Talking about some of the origins of ketosis and how it was found that ketosis could help with seizures as far back as the time of Hippocrates.

6:02 Ketone bodies and how they mimic the physiological state of fasting

8:12 Talking about the Keto Pet Sanctuary where they put dogs on an anti-cancer therapy program and put them on a ketogenic diet

10:55 Keto pet sanctuary has a free e-book on their website for how to make ketogenic food for your animals moving into how they are coming up with the various macros that your animals would need

13:04 Joe asks about Doms origins in the ketogenic diet Dom explains for a couple minutes about it started with his background in neuroscience and seizure research as well as cellular research

16:12 Researching designing something that can increase the ketone bodies in the body like a drug and making exogenous ketone increasing products.

20:09 Talking about the Charlie Foundation and its ketogenic based nutrition clinics

21:00 Talking about the modified Keto diet/ Modified Atkins diet

24:00 Dom talks of his personal macros being around 65% to 75% and talks about people needing to count their macros (calories, fat, carbs, protein)

26:15 Joe asks about Dom’s primary fats and what he uses for fats and if he varies it, Dom talks about his diet for a couple minutes and his initial skepticism over carb light diets

30:30 Some supplement talk

34:50 Talking about how the ketogenic diet has become very popular and there is a lot of scientific support for it, however, there are people who diminish it and say there are no benefits.

37:20 Talking about how the ketogenic diet has a negative impact for the first few months on energy levels and workout capability, it is hard to stick with because of this but is consistent with most people

They continue on this for a few minutes about how after a few months it goes away and you get more energy

41:05 How the keto diet decreases glucose and insulin response and abolishes insulin spikes and increases cognitive resilience

44:10 Talking more about diseases that the keto diet can help in particular Glucose transporter type 1 Deficiency Syndrome and goes into some detail about how it impacts the disease

47:55 Talking about Beta-hydroxy-butarate and how it impacts brain function and how higher ketone levels increase cognitive function

53:15 Talking about Dom’s diet again and various foods he eats that are high in fats

1:00:00 Talking about vitamin deficiencies stemming from the keto diet (in particular b-12)

1:01:15 Talking about soak tanks and Epsom salt baths for a few minutes

1:04:15 Talking about how Keto can help with ALS in neurological function and symptom control, not survivability however.

1:07:00 Talking about exogenous ketones and some of the Ketone esters currently in development

1:10:35 How Ketones can generate energy for your brain in place of glucose and it is a common misconception that we need glucose

1:14:30 How simply restricting carbohydrate intake, not even keto, is an effective tool to combat various health issue, type 2 diabetes in particular, which they go into a bit of detail about over the next few minutes.

1:20:04 How the negative effects of a high carb diet are due to high calorie intake and people not taking into account their macros and how high glucose levels cause us to spike in energy levels

1:23:00 How switching to a keto diet helps Diabetics balance their glucose levels and not have as many highs and lows

1:28:50 How exogenous ketones reduced fear behavior in rats while put them under anxiety inducing situations

1:39:15 How the government is starting to see potential benefits of feeding ketogenic diets to astronauts, soldiers and what not due to its cognitive enhancing qualities.

1:47:09 Talking about elevating ketones has a signaling like effect completely different from the metabolic effect

1:51:30 Talking about the Max Love project and working with the Ketogenic diet with some children with cancer

1:54:00 The various ways that the Keto diet may help inhibit cancer growth and enhance cancer care

1:57:00 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

2:01:00 Some of the people that inspired Dom in his research and interest in keto

2:03:40 Ketone effects on wound healing, they talk about this and the research into it for a few minutes

2:10:05 Talking about how the ketone diet helps increase oxygen flow and alters our neurological pathways, then he talks about some evolutionary ideas of being hardwired into our DNA to activate upon food deprivation

2:12:05 Joe brings up his friend Remy that goes hunting while he is hungry because it increases his sense and Dom talks about similar experiences of increases sense while fasting and the time he fasted for 7 days

2:16:15 How Dom feels more mental acuity under keto and how it has helped quiet his brain so he can wake up earlier than he had before and focus to get his work done

2:18:00 Talking about how the keto diet can promote cell death in cancer and pre cancer cells by depriving them of glucose and their energy source

2:24:00 talking about some athletes that convert to ketogenic diet and maintaining states of ketosis

2:31:50 Joe asks about effects on physical performance and what sort of studies have been done, Dom responds they need to be done and goes into some theoretical research that has been done

2:34:00 Studies on fat burning increase under keto diet and with keto salts

2:36:30 Research on keto and its impact on migraines

2:41:00 Dom talks about noticing that cutting out dairy as well as doing keto increases fat loss more

2:43:00 Talking about CBD oil in decreasing inflammation and how inflammation is connected to so many diseases and problems

2:45:40 Talking about how certain cancers are likely metabolic in nature

2:49:10 Wrapping up the show and some quick information about where to go to get started on the keto diet

Enjoy the show and be well you freaks