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Further tools to help your product experience.

The most common Pruvit product Q&A on one page.

Common Product Questions

Ordering, re-ordering, tracking products and understand error codes.

Ordering / Tracking / Error Codes

Discounts of 22%, 52%, FREE OR get paid to drink it!

5 Price Points – Smartship

Pruvit support and refund policy.

Support & Refunds

Dustin Schaffer breaks down keto for fat loss!

Master Your Best Body

The ultimate smartphone app that keeps us in contact with Pruvit HQ!

Pruvit Pulse

Learn about how Pruvit has successfully used a community marketing model to sell more than $1 billion in product in less than 5 years.

Pruvit Business Opportunity

Watch our famous ‘Campfire Video’ in multiple languages!

International Videos

Learn how to use social media to share fun posts about your keto experience! Support other people and in turn receive FREE product!

Curiosity Posts