Crossfit and Ketones


Links and information relevant to Crossfitters needing more information about how Keto OS can help them with their performance plus a whole lot more.

1/ Dr Dominic D'Agostino, co-creator of the original patent creator for exogenous ketones and Associate Professor with at the University of South Florida, speaking at the annual CrossFit conference about ketones and ketosis:

2/ Webinar with Crossfit Games Masters Athlete Amanda Allan and Scientist Cliff Harvey

3/ Blog by Pruvit community member Brad Rasmus about 5 months using the product and testing with Crossfit:

4/ Webinar with Scientist Cliff Harvey about Crossfit and High Performance

5/ Blog and experiment videos by Pruvit community member Ross Mirams.

6/ Posts from happy Crossfitters:
a) (Swiss Cacao)
b) (PB's!)